Tips for Taking Care of Your Hair

Tips for Taking Care of Your Hair

In our section dedicated to hairdressing, we have already covered various topics such as the cuts that best suit the morphology of your face or the solutions against hair loss. Also, we have already given you several styling ideas for back-to-school, short hair and afro hair. Today, we will help you once again to sublimate your hair to achieve maximum capillary seduction power! Here are 10 generic tips to take care of your hair and how to style it.

Do not cover them permanently

To be able to benefit from our hairdressing advice you still need to have hair! Apart from the different diseases or genetic factors that can cause more or less severe alopecia, remember to let your hair breathe. If you are used to wearing caps or other hats on a daily or very regular basis, be aware that this is not good and can lead to premature falls. Indeed, the hair needs to be oxygenated and a good blood circulation which is compromised by the wearing of a headgear.

Do not wash them every day

Wash your hair? Yes! Every day? No! Hair naturally produces sebum, which is responsible for the “oily hair” scourge. A shampoo removes this sebum and the shiny effect of dirty hair. However, washing your hair daily can help to grease it faster, this is the beginning of the vicious circle. It all depends on your hair type (normal, dry, etc…), but space your shampoos at least two days. To reduce the number of washes, you can use dry shampoo or talcum powder to absorb excess sebum.

Take care of it

After your shampoo, you can either make a second one (a tiny nut of product will do) or use a conditioner. It nourishes and protects your hair while making it more radiant. You can use it once or twice a week. Another alternative is the hair mask. The advantage of this treatment is that it repairs, purifies and hydrates your hair.

If you want to experience the “homemade” experience, there are grandmothers’ recipes made with avocado, olive oil, eggs and honey for example. 2 to 3 masks per month will be more than enough.

Beware of the hair dryer

The hair dryer is great, you can have dry hair and volume in no time. Yes, but be careful because drying at too high a temperature and regularly can damage your hair by making it brittle and less flexible. Prefer an old-fashioned drying, using a towel, dabbing and rubbing gently so as not to tear them off. If you need to use your hair dryer to make an Elvis-style banana, for example, use it on slightly damp and not wet hair.

Dose the gel and wax

Some types of hairstyles require the use of fixing products such as wax and gel. Beware of excessive quantities! If you spread gel on it, your hair will certainly be fixed, but you will probably look like a Playmobil with a cardboard cut. Not done or to be done! In addition, the “wet effect” can quickly become “greasy effect”. Choose a matt wax that will work around the problem. In the evening, remember to brush or wash your hair to remove the material and let your hair breathe.

Prefer lacquer

If your hairstyle allows it, trade wax and gel for hairspray. Why? Why? Because with hairspray your hairstyle will look much more natural, unless you have a heavy hand heavy enough to empty an entire bottle onto your strand.

To do this, brush your hair after applying the hairspray and then iron a small blow to fix everything. The other advantage is that you can put your hand through your hair during the day without it sticking to it. Keep a distance between the spray and your hair and be careful not to get it in your eyes!

Avoid dyes

The first white hair appears and then, in general panic, we quickly succumb to the sirens of dyeing. Resist! Resist! As we all know, hair colourings are full of chemicals that attack your hair and make it more fragile. Unlike women, a dye on a man rarely goes unnoticed so don’t expect to be discreet. The best thing is to assume his graying hair, it will probably prevent you from having a hair disaster that is not very aesthetic! If, however, you wish to colour yourself, space each of your dyes at least 2 months apart.

Baldness, cut them short

Worse than the grey hair discovered one morning in the mirror in daylight, baldness! Hair loss is a bit of a menopause for us men, in addition to andropause, which is premature for some people. Even if the situation is painful enough, you will have to be brave and cut them short or even shave them.

A short cut will reduce the partial loss or less dense side of your hair unlike a monkey tonsure/horsetail combo. Also, don’t hide your bald head under a hat because the disappointment of a potential prey will be as great as seeing a woman removing her triple push-up. If you choose the zero ball, continue shampooing your scalp to remove excess sebum and remember to moisturize it.

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