Simple Tips to Dress Better

Simple Tips to Dress Better

How can you dress better when you’re a man? Here are some simple and effective tips to improve your style.

We all wonder how we’re going to dress when we get up in the morning, and it’s not always as simple as we think it is to find happiness, even in the most crowded closet in the universe. You have to find clothes that correspond to the mood of the day and then manage to match them together. And that’s where it all goes wrong! We’ll help you a little bit, follow the guide!

Vary the colors

We start with the most complicated and subjective of the precepts to be respected. We all agree that dressing exclusively in black, white or beige is not the best. We all agree when it comes to finding an outfit that lacks balance, but it’s much more complicated to deal with what you have in your closet. Even if it remains a matter of taste, there are still some golden rules that can guide you at the beginning, the time to be able to free yourself from it to fly on your own.

As for the choice of colours, it is first necessary to refer to the colour of your skin and hair. Having light skin and a light face will often mean avoiding too dark colours that would contrast too much with your face, eclypsing it in the process. On the other hand, if you have dark skin and dark hair, too light colours would have the same effect.

Then, it is important to work on colours that can be balanced with each other, either because they are close (navy blue and light blue) or because they are opposite but can be combined (navy blue and beige). These compositions are essential because they make it possible not to end up as a travelling monochrome, wearing only one and the same colour on the whole of our outfit. An aesthetic horror!

It is also interesting to vary the materials, between leather, jeans, cotton, linen or jersey. This will really help to support your colour choices by adding texture to your outfit. To conclude, I will talk to you about the colour reminders, that little detail that will show whoever can see it the time and effort you have put into your outfit!

A brown belt will make it easier to integrate brown shoes into your outfit in the same way as a coloured tie. Finally, simply enjoy yourself, and if the colours you wear look like you, if you follow these rules and go for it, everything will be fine!

Choose clothes that fit your size!

This seems to be the basis of everything, and yet it is far from always being the case! Many people are seen in the streets with their pants in the middle of their buttocks, without even knowing it. This kind of look may lend itself to some pants models but when they are not made for it, it shows!

Be careful to choose the right size and cut according to your morphology. Too wide, too tight, too tall or with legs too short, you really quickly miss your pants purchase by inattention and it’s not great! Especially when you see the price of some poorly worn pants! This applies of course to all the clothes you can wear and pants are no exception.

It is true that being a little wrapped does not help to wear clothes close to the body, but wearing too wide ones will never hide your shapes but will tend to do the opposite! You have to find the right balance and above all be comfortable in your clothes, it is one of the keys to well-being.

As for jackets now, and more particularly costume jackets, it is more topical than ever to talk about size! If, at one time, long and slightly wide jackets could be tolerated, this would clearly be considered a lack of taste today!

A jacket needs to be adjusted while leaving a certain amount of movement to the wearer, the flexibility we all need to avoid looking like a penguin. Then, the length of the jacket itself is important and must be chosen according to everyone’s taste.

As for the sleeves, they must show the shirt, especially if you wear cufflinks and it is in bad taste to have your wrists and half your hands covered as can be seen on many poorly made jackets. This is important because it avoids the puffy side that you can have with a poorly worn suit and it is all these little details that make you look classy, or simply like a hick who has put on his Sunday suit!

As for the other clothes, it is more or less understood that a pair of shoes that are too big cannot be worn and that a cap that is too small and just placed on the head is clearly not beautiful. Well, that’s understood for most people anyway!

Choose the right materials!

Today, it seems obvious to us that we should prefer natural materials, but this is not the case for everyone. Without saying that this takes precedence over the aesthetic aspect of the garment, I would say that it is almost as important because our comfort, our well-being and the durability of the chosen garment are at stake. Comfort already because some fabrics are much more comfortable to wear than others and there is clearly nothing to see between a cotton tee-shirt and a half polyester tee-shirt.

Cotton will necessarily be softer and more comfortable to wear. On the wellness side, natural materials are always more breathable than synthetic and this changes a lot, in both summer and winter. Already it keeps much warmer, which is still important depending on the season.

You will therefore need less clothing to feel good, you will necessarily be more comfortable and avoid the risk of colds of all kinds. Then the breathable side will allow your perspiration not to accumulate in the garment but to escape naturally through the fabric, it’s still better than wearing t-shirts that let us sweat without letting anything pass!

This breathable side finally allows the body to cool down in case of high temperatures and that’s great! Less risk of feeling the transpiration in short!

As for the durability of the garment, natural materials such as cotton or jersey are more resistant to wear, weather and odours. Sometimes, when you buy a synthetic T-shirt, the fabric gets soaked with the smell of sweat after a while and you can’t get it back! With naturalness it’s over, you can finally wear your favorite clothes to the end without any problem!

To conclude, on the aesthetic side, we can really see the difference and it is perhaps an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone by changing a little bit of clothing material. Gone are the eternal jeans that fill your closet with their almost identical models, why not opt for a few chinos with original colors and a fabric that is extremely resistant and pretty to wear? (see our article on the best chinos for men) To test, you can tell us about it!

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