Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

Everyone knows for a long time that a healthy lifestyle is good and useful!

The only problem is that almost nobody does it, and those who start to quit almost immediately.
Because a healthy lifestyle has been turned into something very unpleasant and disgusting, so few people live a healthy lifestyle.

I have made my lifestyle easy and simple, by the fact that it is healthy. I can help you to make your lifestyle healthy, easy and simple. You can start doing it right now, because it will be too late from Monday.

It’s too late, because that Monday you will start your life in a perfectly planned mode all your life will never come.

You want to ask why?

  • How long have you promised yourself that you will start on Monday?
  • How often do you hear the same thing from people you know?
  • How many of them have the same Monday?
  • That’s what I’m talking about! The number is very close to zero.
  • Why do you think 99% of the CIS population aged 15-45 do not live a healthy lifestyle?

(I kept silent about the population up to 15 years of age – because it is considered that their place in the sandbox. And for those over 45, it is customary to think that it is time for them to go to the landfill and it is as if it is too late to change something. But this topic I will put aside for later, so as not to make the article too long.)

Okay, so this is it.

Why do you think 99% of the CIS population aged 15-45 do not live a healthy lifestyle?

Because they were driven into the subconscious by the following: “A healthy way of life is a disgusting and not a pleasant torment for life!
Therefore, a healthy lifestyle at the subconscious level only disgusts them.

In fact, a healthy lifestyle is much nicer and better than NOT healthy, you just didn’t know it.

You didn’t know how to make a healthy lifestyle not only healthy, but also pleasant, so that you wouldn’t want to leave it and so that you would follow it all your life.

If you turn your healthy lifestyle into a hard labor or a series of daily exploits, then the hard labor and exploits will soon end, because you probably do not have enough willpower and laziness will prevail over your actions. And it will be better even for your health, because it will save your body from overtraining and total demolition of internal organs.

I remembered one case in my life

In the morning and evening, I walk in places where trees grow, where cars don’t drive and there’s a lot of clean air. There’s a man running around every morning, check his watch at 7 a.m., both in winter and summer.

He has very noticeable signs of chronic sleep deprivation on his face, there are 2-3 front teeth missing on his lower jaw through which he drools while he runs, stretches out. But the most important thing is that he does it as if someone is hitting him with a whip from behind. This man is 55 years old and he has been running for many years.

Some of you now have something in your chest and somebody wanted to say after crying a little – good for you, that’s an example!

And I’ll tell you that if he doesn’t start doing what he’s doing right, well, at least without hard labour, he has a lot of chances to get caught up in a heart attack or stroke in the next 5 years. And then those who are not aware of the real causes of his death will blame the environment, the state, his boss and maybe something else bizarre. In fact, the reason is that he is a moron.

There is nothing dumber than to do the same thing for decades and hope for a different result every time.
Each of us chooses his own way, I’m not going to approach this guy and teach him how to do it properly, not to retrain everyone.

Such people run, jump over I can’t, I don’t want to, I hate, and then die of banal pains and often many times before those who don’t think about a healthy lifestyle at all.

About such then speak – well here uncle Vanya all life was engaged in sports, became ill with hemorrhoids and has died in 55 years, and has not lived to pension. And then the ecology, old age, karma, horoscope, Chernobyl, code of fate and everything else goes into expense.

And those who have been lying on the couch all their lives quietly rejoice justifying their idleness.

A healthy lifestyle that has been turned into a hard labor is not a healthy lifestyle, but a short and painful way to the afterlife. And those who did not have the will to go through it, rejoice!

What’s to be done, then?

No matter how ingenious and scientifically sound your health system is, it will certainly not be of any use to you if you do not do it regularly. It would also do you much harm instead of good if the system was too heavy and disgusting for you. Also, the super system that you will be doing for exactly 2 weeks will be of little use to you, and then quit and make yourself a promise to continue from Monday, which will never come.

To avoid the negative consequences of a healthy lifestyle and to make a healthy lifestyle really healthy, you should start with simple actions that you will not be lazy to do.

It is very important that these actions are properly built. Then, as you get used to it, you can add the actions, exercises and procedures that you should add.

Everyone who starts training and then throws them away blames it on the lack of willpower and the prevalence of laziness over willpower, rather than on their stupidity.

Perhaps I will tell you a big secret with the following statement…
The fact is that willpower is not taken from the vacuum, and even from the clean mountain air it is not born.

Will power can be trained. If the training process is built correctly, then the willpower in you will grow, the willpower in you will become more and more.

But if you have been lying on the couch for 10 years, take the system of training of any champion, desperately trying to do it every day, then throw and complain that there is little willpower and a lot of laziness… Do you recognize yourself?

Why should a healthy lifestyle be easy and simple?

Because nobody does complicated and hard, and the one who does it throws it away after 2 weeks, postponing it until Monday, which will never come. The one who miraculously has a lot of willpower and powerful motivation combined with an idiotic training system earns a lot of injuries and shortens the way to the afterlife.

Let’s draw conclusions.

There’s got to be a healthy lifestyle:

  • Easy – so that you are not lazy to fulfill it and you have not abandoned it;Pleasant – so that you like to live like this. We always strive for what is pleasant and it will be very difficult to give up afterwards;
  • Correctly built – a properly built way of life will be easy, pleasant, strengthen your health, add strength of will and good mood, and each of your actions will only be beneficial. All this you will spend a minimum of time and effort, while getting the maximum effect from the actions taken;
  • Continuous – the most important thing is that your lifestyle is not interrupted (if it is properly built). Then you will always have more than enough health, good mood, good health. But if you give it up one day, you will start to degrade smoothly and after a while you will return to where you started.

Where to start.

By combining these 4 components, you can get a mega-efficient, lightweight, pleasant and simple blend that you’ll enjoy doing all your life.

Start by walking in the morning and evening, 10-30 minutes each. Walk where trees or grass grow, where there is no asphalt, concrete and other surfaces, away from cars and exhaust gases. If there is a river or lake forest near you, it is just a crime not to make such walks.

If there is no sea, river, lake, lake, waterfall, thick coniferous forest near you, it is not the end of the world either. A normal yard or park, if there is one, is quite suitable.
You need to wake up in the morning, not after lunch, it’s important. Ideally, you will wake up at 5-6 o’clock. But if you are used to sleeping before lunch or before 8 o’clock, you do not need to wake up at 5 a.m. at once, because very soon you will be overcome by hatred for this process.

Chronic sleep deprivation will not bring you anything good. If you wake up early and go to bed late – it is not cool to believe. In a dream the organism restores forces, a dream is very important for us. Do not listen to those jerks who sleep for 4 hours, walk like zombies and everyone is recommended to sleep for 4 hours. Of course, there are cases when a person sleeps for 4 hours and falls asleep completely, but there are very few of them and everything can not learn to do in 3 days. I know only 2 people who can sleep up to 4 hours a day and sleep at the same time.

By the way, I myself sleep for 8-9-10 hours a day. Why? Because I don’t want to watch my dreams like in childhood. And even more preet when I wake up sleeping, in a good mood and morning I always have a good morning.
To wake up early, you need to fall asleep early. In this case you will wake up not only early, but also asleep, and it is very important for a healthy lifestyle.

If you ask what is better, late to wake up and fall asleep at the same time, or wake up early not sleeping, then I will answer that it is better to wake up late asleep. But it is even better to wake up early to sleep. In order to wake up early asleep, you must fall asleep early. Allocate at least 9 hours for yourself to sleep, if you have enough and 8 – great, but allocate at once 9.

Sleep doesn’t happen much. There are idiots who claim that sleeping for more than 8 hours is harmful. I will say that it is harmful to be an idiot because idiots do not do the right thing and think it will benefit them. And sleeping for more than 8 hours isn’t bad.

Each of us has a different way of sleeping every day. Someone has it easy, others hard, today it is easier, tomorrow it is harder and the duration of sleep will always be different at least because of this. There are still a lot of important things that I talk about only at pieces of training, the article is so long.

It is worth waking up early at least to be awake during the day and in a good mood and to sleep well at night. But if you don’t get used to sleeping at the same time, then during the day you will be sleepy, and at night it will be difficult to sleep – is it familiar?

The whole question is how to make it so that you wake up early and go to bed early too became a habit. Stories that someone is a lark, a crow, an owl or whatever, just bikes. I would call it almost convincing excuses. But some people because of work, service or something else can not go to bed early, because such a schedule. In this case, you just need to get some sleep and take walks right after your sleep and before going to bed, preferably at the same time.

Waking up early asleep you get extra strength, yoga and are sure to find convincing explanations where these forces come from. I can confirm that this is really true.