About Us

About Us

Welcome to Egy Lovers!

My name is Donald Christy, and I started this blog to share my own journey of becoming a better man.

The Egy Lovers provides practical tips on social mastery, self-development and what I call the art of being a gentleman.

You’re probably here because you’ve realized (like I did) that:

  1. Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual, and
  2. The things that make you truly successful and fulfilled aren’t taught in school

Basically, our mission is to help people become better guys.

It’s not regarding being manly or bedding a lot of chicks. It’s about being the most effective feasible version of on your own.

Many various other web sites for men out there are simply complete of stylish, shallow fluff.

My objective at Egy Lovers is to set a higher bar by providing you valuable content that mirrors my core beliefs:

Being the best variation of yourself is a trip, not a destination
Activity defeats talk
It’s NEVER too late to boost who you are
Intelligence is an aphrodisiac
Getting in touch with other individuals is better than being ideal all the time
Am I an expert in all points gentleman/man?

No, I’m simply a normal individual like you. But also for the last 7 years, I’ve committed my life to learning just how to end up being a better, extra all-around man.

Think about me as an useful overview on the very same course as you probably just a few actions in advance in my journey.